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Today I am thankful for:

  • Toradol, motrin, and the occasional Percocet
  • My health insurance
  • My general good health
  • Colleagues who remember what it’s like to be a single woman with no family immediately available and who make themselves available if you need anything.

Someone asked about toradol. It’s like extra extra strength motrin. It’s available in a pill form, but I’ve only seen it prescribed that way once or twice. It can be given as a shot or an IV formulation. The doctor gave it to me as an IM shot yesterday and then again today when I went by to pick up my prescriptions.  I give it to kidney stone patients with normal kidney function all the time and it’s the best thing for kidney stone pain I’ve ever seen. 

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Why, when I introduce myself as Dr. _____ and address them as Mr./Ms. ______ do patients and/or families then think it is appropriate to call me “Ashley?”

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There are so many great things about being an attending physician (and so many terrifying things) but hands down the best part is that in my field working 6 shifts in 7 days is the exception and not the rule. So, to prepare for 4 shifts in 4 days (after 3 consecutive days of work) I am taking myself out to dinner.

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My dad’s been hounding the title company I chose over things related to real estate that I don’t understand. Today, I had a conversation with the agent about closing. She had forgotten that I planned to close by proxy and started going on about how it might be a problem. I said, “Oh, that’s ok, my parents offered to come down and do it.”  She immediately stuttered and started talking about how it would be very easy to close by proxy. 

TL;DR: My dad’s a pain in the ass. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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I wanted coffee, so I got up extra early after a shift that ended an hour and a half late to grab coffee on my way in.

My boss wanted coffee, so she’s late.

71 days.

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