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Parked at work to go to barre. Walked the two blocks back to the garage in leggings and a tank. Pretty sure I caught a (single, cute) coworker checking me out and fairly certain he didn’t realize it was me.  Still gonna tag this one #purebarre since I wouldn’t look like I currently do if I hadn’t taken class there for 8 months!

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Just narrowly escaped having date #1 for the night drop me off in front of my door while date #2 was practically around the corner.


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Feeling homesick today, for lack of a better word. After all, it’s not home any more. A new woman has moved into my apartment and I don’t have any family there.  But still - my colleagues have been my family for the last 5 years, and my Pure Barre girls have been amazing friends this year. 

I shouldn’t whine - I have real clothes on for the first time in 5 days and I’m off to dinner with some awesome people.

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I’m having a “my shorts are kind of loose and my arms look really good in a tank top” kind of week. I don’t hate it (at all!)

Also, my moving van showed up today. Yay, boxes!

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Moving van didn’t arrive, supposedly will tomorrow (-3)
Comcast guy was DELIGHTFUL and made it so I have Internet (+1.5)
Paper getting published (+1)
Macy’s delivered my new bed (+1)
I did not pack my linens, so have a new bed covered in pretty comfy linens (+1)
This means I can sit on my bed and Internet and Netflix (+10)

So I think we’ll call it a win.

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Check-splitting among friends: How to split the bill at a restaurant.


"Can we all agree to retire the practice of wiggling a finger at the tab to sort out who owes $8 for the garden salad and who owes $11 for the kale Caesar? Oh: You didn’t have any wine because you’re on antibiotics? Well, I hope you make a speedy recovery, and also I hope that you’ll please close that calculator app and trust that it will come out even in the long run. This is how friendship operates."

Glad my friends made the “poor med student” exception!

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Just told a friend to come by and say bye if she had a chance after her shift.

What that really meant is “I’ll put on pants for you.”

That, my friends, is love.