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This is going to sound silly but…

…one of the best things about my street is the alley.  As I looked at houses in Baltimore, I noticed that trash day was going to pose significant challenges when it came to parking behind a rowhome.  Specifically, the alley that is used to access parking behind the house is the same alley used for trash and recycling pickup.  I just drove past an alley that was littered with trash cans and lids and trash pickup was YESTERDAY!  My alley, however, is perfectly neat. Everyone’s trash cans are tucked up against their houses or pulled behind their patio fence.  In fact, the sanitation workers even PLACED my garbage can up against my house after they emptied it.  WHO DOES THAT?

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Just did the financially responsible thing and directed a HUGE portion of my pre-tax income towards retirement.  I won’t regret this in 25 years, but it would be fun to have that money now!

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I forgot how lonely and isolating a new city can be. I miss my old comfortable life.

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So, my builder showed up at noon today to look at a few things around the house. I had showered about 30 minutes before and was sitting around without pants when he knocked.  I shouted - “Give me just a minute!” and ran around finding clothes to throw on. When I answered the door he was like, “Oh, did I catch you in the shower?” Except my hair was not soaking wet. And I am a terrible liar, even about little stuff like that.  Ugh.

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On priorities

I have a friend who failed their written boards. This person has to retake them in November. This person owns an almost million dollar home and has toys and gadgets galore (beta tester for google glass). This person’s spouse is also a professional and does quite well.

My friend contacted me for studying suggestions. I offered two, one of which is a video review course that costs $1000.  Expensive? Yes, but sadly $1,000 is just about the minimum price for anything related to boards or licensure. The response to my suggestion? “Ouch, that’s a grand for the DVDs.”  WTF?  You know what else is expensive? Not being board certified, because eventually you’ll be out of a job!

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Congress Has Finally Found a Bill to Rally Around


The Able Act (short for “Achieving a Better Life Experience”) would allow Americans with disabilities and their parents to open tax-free savings accounts to pay for such things as housing, education,transportation, and medical care.

While parents can save for their children who will attend college in tax-deferred accounts under current law, there is no such savings mechanism for children whose disabilities would prevent them from attending college. 

This is really important.

Wow, had never even thought of this. But yes, it is SO needed.

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Parked at work to go to barre. Walked the two blocks back to the garage in leggings and a tank. Pretty sure I caught a (single, cute) coworker checking me out and fairly certain he didn’t realize it was me.  Still gonna tag this one #purebarre since I wouldn’t look like I currently do if I hadn’t taken class there for 8 months!

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