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Surgery resident to EM resident about a patient who was super super sick with terrible veins: “My attending would like this patient to have a 16 gauge IV [very large IV] so that we can transfuse rapidly. The central line you put in won’t be fast enough.”

Me, overhearing this conversation: “Well, I’d like to fart rainbows but neither of these things is happening.”

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It is August 15

I live in Baltimore, MD

My air conditioning is off

This is crazy (not complaining, it’s GORGEOUS out!)

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I got a phone number tonight!

Last night I left work at the same time as another doctor.  I sort of thought she was about my age. Today I saw her and had a question related to her specialty that I asked her.  Then I ran into her an hour later and she offered me her number in case anything else came up.  And then she said we should get a drink after work some time.  

So, how soon is too soon to text her?

Also, I’m super pumped because I now have TWO people to get drinks with in the near future!

I’m thoroughly convinced that making new friends as an adult is pretty much exactly like dating.

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Watching NYMed.

Laughing out loud at the ER nurse who is now a patient and is bitching about a 4 hour wait for an MRI.

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This sectional is on Joss and Main. It is EXACTLY what I want for my living room but I refuse to buy such a big piece sight unseen (and un-sat on!).  I love the roll arms and box cushions.  So far I have only found similar pieces in stores for 4000-6000 which just feels obscene to me.  Anybody have any thoughts?

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While I was driving home from lunch, this thought occurred to me so I’m going to share it with you.  I once dated a guy for a couple months who thought he knew everything about everything.  He once argued with me about:

  • Who was more likely to be injured in a car accident that involved a large pickup truck and a subcompact car - passengers in the pickup or passengers in the subcompact.
  • What the dropout/failure rate is in medical school

Dude, you just don’t argue with an ER doctor about either of those…

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Apparently today is the day I ORDER ALL THE THINGS for my house.

Ordered the train rack and magnifying mirror to go in my bathroom. The bathroom vanity is 22 inches deep and comes up above my waist so I haven’t been able to put on makeup in the bathroom.