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Last night the resident who was on the overnight and I had a conversation about how much we love Baltimore.  So much better than the general, “It’s New Haven” *eyeroll* conversations I used to have!

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If you have the book out and a blank stack of notecards, that’s basically like studying, right?

Related: I am now following a bunch of Baltimore’s food trucks on twitter. Procrastination FTW!

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Surgery resident to EM resident about a patient who was super super sick with terrible veins: “My attending would like this patient to have a 16 gauge IV [very large IV] so that we can transfuse rapidly. The central line you put in won’t be fast enough.”

Me, overhearing this conversation: “Well, I’d like to fart rainbows but neither of these things is happening.”

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It is August 15

I live in Baltimore, MD

My air conditioning is off

This is crazy (not complaining, it’s GORGEOUS out!)

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I got a phone number tonight!

Last night I left work at the same time as another doctor.  I sort of thought she was about my age. Today I saw her and had a question related to her specialty that I asked her.  Then I ran into her an hour later and she offered me her number in case anything else came up.  And then she said we should get a drink after work some time.  

So, how soon is too soon to text her?

Also, I’m super pumped because I now have TWO people to get drinks with in the near future!

I’m thoroughly convinced that making new friends as an adult is pretty much exactly like dating.

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Watching NYMed.

Laughing out loud at the ER nurse who is now a patient and is bitching about a 4 hour wait for an MRI.

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This sectional is on Joss and Main. It is EXACTLY what I want for my living room but I refuse to buy such a big piece sight unseen (and un-sat on!).  I love the roll arms and box cushions.  So far I have only found similar pieces in stores for 4000-6000 which just feels obscene to me.  Anybody have any thoughts?